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Boating into Canada

Boating in the great lakes is fun for everyone. But you need to be prepared for the US - Canadian border. For more frequent fisherman the nexus card will make your life a lot easier. enter image description here

here is a general border crossing video

Do’s and Don’ts in BBW Dating

If you’re a man or a woman who is interested in BBW online dating, there is an unwritten code of conduct that can assure you of plus size dating success. Whether you are finding BBW singles or BBW admirer in the the real world, or online, once you’ve made arrangements for a coffee or restaurant date, you’ll want to find out if your new date is suitable for you.

Here are some BBW online dating tips and advice to help you get started.

  1. Do arrive on time. Nothing is more frustrating than taking valuable time out of your day to try plus size dating, then realize they’re not showing up. Ensure that you clear your schedule for an uninterrupted hour or two. If you truly can’t make it, cancel a day in advance, not minutes after your date has already shown up at the restaurant.

  2. Don’t do an anonymous rendezvous then leave. Many people who are BBW singles have a bad habit of peeking into a cafe or restaurant to see what their date really looks like. If they don’t like what they see, they disappear, leaving their date in the lurch. Don’t be that person.

  3. Do be respectful when trying BBW dating sites. BBW dating can involve some extra sensitivity, as often the BBW woman or BHM knows they’re overweight, as they certainly don’t need to hear it from you. Also be respectful of a person’s race and religion too, particularly if it wasn’t readily apparent in their dating profile. It’s also best to steer clear from politics when you’re doing BBW online dating too.

  4. Don’t ask their income, where they work, or what car they drive. These are sensitive topics that are not only personal, they also show that all you care about is money. There are plenty of other topics to talk about, and should you get stuck, mention the weather, current events, travel, or the food. This is applicable to both dates in person, and with online chat on BBW dating sites.

  5. Do rehearse questions in advance. It’s important not to focus the conversation completely on you. Have a ready set of questions for your date. Do your research first and check their BBW singles profiles. as you don’t want to ask them questions that are already in their dating profile. Perhaps they have some hobbies or interests that aren’t listed in their profile.

  6. Don’t talk about past relationships in the negative. Everyone has had past relationships, but be careful about what you say about your past partners. Often it can reflect on how you are as a person, even if the breakup wasn’t your fault.

Don’t worry if you bomb on plus size dating. If you end up saying the wrong thing, or doing something embarrassing on plus size dating websites and your date can’t laugh it off, perhaps this partnership wasn’t meant to happen. Get up, dust yourself off, and try again. Soon you’ll experience success!

Is Looking for a Serious Relationship Online a Bad Idea?

Depending on your generation, you may either love the idea or scoff at it. No matter your opinion though, one thing is for certain, and that's that online dating is here to stay. Although there are still some people who meet their partners through more conventional ways, our face-paced life, obsession with technology, and desire to have everything we want right now mean that online dating is becoming the normal way for many people to find serious relationships.

The Good

The good parts of online dating is that there are some serious dating sites out there. They are geared specifically towards groups of people, such as farmers, Christians, cat lovers, horse loves, and even the Amish. If you fit into one of these niche groups you may find better luck on one of these sites than on a larger "one size fits all" kind of dating site. No matter which serious dating site you use though, you still do have to be careful, as you're conversing with someone online and don't really know who they are until you meet them.

The Bad

As mentioned, people can be whoever they want online. This means that the person you're talking to might not really be who they are or have the interests that they're claiming they do. A certain amount of caution is necessary in online dating. Another problem with looking for love online is that you're one in a very large pool of people. On traditional sites there will always be someone prettier, smarter, or more willing to do crazy things. It can be hard to compete with the sheer number of people on dating sites.

So what's a person looking for love online to do? Trying to find a serious relationship online isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you have to be smart about it. Look for a niche site that plays to your passions or job. Be as honest as possible in your online information, and always take your time when getting to know someone. It's dangerous to meet anyone right off the bat, so take your time and listen to your gut. The right person is out there for you, and you very well find them on a serious dating site, but you have to be careful and very patient. As long as you are open about who you are and what you want then you are very likely to find the right person.

8 Most Popular Dating Sites for Young Singles

Don’t you know that social media started from online dating sites? In fact, they were the primary social networking sites in the past. They only started to evolved when Friendster became popular as a wholesome networking sites. From such model rose Facebook. All these sites have been popularized by young people whose primary aim is to meet someone for a date.

This transformation may give you an impression that dating sites are now dying because youngsters nowadays have turned their attention to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr. However, those popular dating sites continue to thrive. There is only one question. Are there still any young singles on dating sites these days? The answer is yes.

To give you some ideas, here are the 8 most popular dating sites for young singles:

  1. Lavalife

Lavalife is like a search engine for matchmaking. You can easily search for your ideal match while giving you the ability to reply to those who have searched for you.


It sounds as though this site is not for young singles, but its main focus is not on the age but on the status of its members. This site is for affluent, classy, and attractive people most of them young singles.


The name of this site speaks for itself as it is a dating site for young black singles. On the other hand, this site is open to non-black people who are looking for someone who is black.


This site is for young singles who are millionaire.

  1. is not only for gays but also for the entire LGBT community. The site is also a news site that provides related information and updates.

  1. How About We

This works like other social networking sites in which you do not only look for friends but can also migrate your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

  1. is a very popular dating site with more than 8 million users. It also offers free toolbar installation which will enable you to surf the net while on the site.

  1. is another popular dating site similar with but is different in the sense that it is more popular internationally and is servicing 25 countries in 8 languages.


Dating sites are now regaining their old glory as more and more young people turn their attention back to them. These sites are no longer the things of the past. The above dating sites show that they will continue to live on for many years to come because their popularity never seems to fade.

Four discussions you must avoid when meeting a date online.

Knowing what to talk about especially when meeting a potential date for the time can be really difficult, and you can flaunt the opportunity of finding someone special if you are not guarded enough. Unlike the normal kind of dating, your partner and you shared similar views on certain subjects like religion, family or finance; and perhaps you even had to tolerate each other when your feelings on this subjects, they were completely different as a result of the mutual feeling and understanding you had developed for each other.

Senior dating especially online dating is a completely different world, if you ever wish to establish any long lasting relationship from it, then you must be willing to avoid certain conversations inherent in normal conventional dating. First impression is usually what matters in online senior dating sites, if you must set any relationship in motion then your first impression must be really positive and relevant under the circumstances. Keeping your conversation light and simple will put you and your potential partner on a smooth start. As the relationship progresses and the mutual feeling develops, then you are more likely to discuss more sensitive matters which would not have been convenient at first.

For instance you may carelessly rant about a famous politician you don't like, only to discover that your dating partner is a loyal supporter of the politician, or you may be tempted to talk about the abuse by an ex, what you had to tolerate and the numerous court cases you experienced. Such discussion is a downer and can spoil the mood and may not leave the right impression on your date. Instead you can always suspend then to a later time when the relationship becomes stable and a good level of understanding and mutual feelings have been established between the both of you. Below are four major conversations you need to avoid when meeting your date for the first time.

  1. Never discuss the death of a spouse sensitively. You can mention the reason for being single but never dwell on the subject or discuss it in detail. It can result to an emotional outburst which may make your partner feel unwanted.

  2. Do not discuss any illness you have or your family member whether past or present. Even if you have to, ensure it is very brief. Make sure you guide every discussion towards knowing your partner.

  3. Don't talk about a divorce. It is fine to mention it but let it end there. Details about your court cases or abuse from your ex is not usually pleasing to hear at the onset time.

  4. Another important discussion topic you have to avoid is related to the issues of finance, religion and background. Ranting so much about how rich you are or how bad your credit is are sentimental issues especially for someone who you are yet to know about. You can forgo family background, religion, politics and other sentimental issues to a later time when the relationship is stable.

Instead of talking about stuffs like those mentioned above, you can divert all your attention into bringing up conversions that can live a positive impression on your date. You can give them a bait by saying there is only little to talk about you. This can make them change the subject and also allow you to ascertain how open minded they are. Never allow your personal experience to constitute a stumbling block in your dating life.

Strategy for Getting Dates on Dating Sites

Dating is more fun and easier from the comfort of your home with just an internet connection. Over time, dating sites have continued to be innovative in getting you better matches according to your specifications. Since a higher percent of singles and those in complicated relationships are increasingly using dating sites and apps, you must use certain strategies to get date matches from interested people on dating sites. Below are some of the best dating strategies of getting dates on dating sites.


Your profile picture of the dating site is an essential aspect of your dating profile on a dating app or site. Currently, it is unacceptable to have blurry pictures or no pictures at all on your profile. Without a picture, your chances of finding a match drops by up to 95%, this is according to a study done at So get your camera out and get snapping until you find the best picture to put on your profile to increase your chances of getting a date. Profiles oozing romance will lack matches in case they have blurry photos.

Stand out

The reason you have not been getting interested parties to hit you up on your dating profile is that you use the same language everyone is using. It is common to read profiles where people list their qualities without showing them. If you are funny and bubbly, write an interesting post that will genuinely tell the other person that you indeed are funny. This will increase your chances of getting dates on dating sites and apps. Dare to stand out from the crowd.

Interesting Profile

There are millions if not billions of profile on dating sites and many go unnoticed. An interesting profile will get you more dates than you can manage because it shows you are confident on your skin. A genuinely interesting profile will do the trick. Keep it simple, and it will tug at the heartstrings of your intended match. Most people write a dating profile as if they are trying to impress someone. Be free and show your confident self without caring what people think.

First lines

Thus far, you will have made some matches if you have followed these tips. When you receive that notification of a dating match, compose yourself, and genuinely instigate a conversation. Just like in your bio, use lines that are genuine and do not show signs of disrespect. Many of the singles tend to think that online dating is different from the traditional forms of dating and they end up using obscene language. This will get you blocked and alone for a long time to come. Be polite and politically correct to get dates from dating sites.

With the above tips, you are sure to find that you will get an increase in the number of people interested in you. In the case you identify a person you like, go ahead, initiate conversation, and try to get the dating offline and meet up. Be cautious of who you meet from the dating site and ensure you have a close friend when you meet the person in a public space. And here are the top 5 list of dating sites online, choose the best one suits your need to join!

Where Can I Meet More SSBBWs?

Are you a man who’s attracted to SSBBW singles? Whether you are super sized or a big handsome man, you may think that the larger woman has more beauty to offer. But just like with any type of dating, it can be difficult to meet SSBBW singles when you lead a busy life.

Or, perhaps you’re just too shy to chat with the lovely ladies at the local supermarket, or it can be awkward calling out to someone as you walk past them on the street.

Here are 4 ways that will help you to meet more SSBBW singles, so you can focus your efforts on fun dates, rather than wasting your time by waiting.

  1. Focus on interest. Don’t just generally think about how it would be nice to gather the confidence to talk to the lovely woman in the store, try to narrow down your search a bit more. If you enjoy photography, scope out the electronics section of your local electronics shop. Or, if you enjoy movies, you can hang out at your local DVD rental shop. It’s a lot easier to have a conversation with a stranger when you can ask a simple question about the items in question. Plus, you already know that they have the same interests as you. You never know when someone may send you a text for SSBBW dating.

  2. Join a club. Many people have met their partners through local clubs, including having an opportunity to meet SSBBWs. And don’t worry if you’re not into sporting clubs, there are clubs for every interest out there. There are websites dedicated to listing clubs in each city, and you can then narrow it down to your interest. Often these clubs meet in local coffee shops. They even have clubs just for meeting singles, and they cost nothing more than patronizing the local business.

  3. Try SSBBW dating sites. There are dating sites for every interest as well, even SSBBW dating sites. These sites allow you to narrow down your search by city. You can then sort through women’s profiles to find your favourites. If some of the women attract your notice, you can check out their profiles to see what their hobbies and interests are, and what types of dates they enjoy going on.

  4. College or university. If you attend classes at your local college or university, or if you even work there, you’ll find that the campus is made up of different types of people. Don’t be afraid to chat with people such as SSBBW singles. If you’re not very good at asking women out, you can simply hand them your card and ask if they’d like to go for coffee some time.

Even if you’re interested in SSBBW dating, and want to meet SSBBWs, you may find that it’s still difficult. But remember to always stay positive and keep on moving forward. Soon you’ll have an SSBBW sending you a text message back that she would love to go on a date with you!

Dating Apps Tips for Actively Dating 50+ Year Olds

It has never been easier for single people to meet other singles. There are dating services, apps for cell phones and websites and more are popping up regularly. This wealth of opportunity can also be quite overwhelming for those new to the digital dating scene. Safety being the number one priority when dealing with people, even when you can meet them face to face. It is never too late to begin safe practices in your personal life. Let’s focus on the newest rage, dating apps for cell phones. There are some basic options that are true for all dating apps. These steps will have to be taken with each dating app you plan on using – often people will use two to three best dating apps while single. Don’t be discouraged if you see the same profiles popping up across many services, other 50+ year old singles are doing the same as you. Keeping yourself safe is also a standard practice when using dating apps, we will cover this in depth later in this article. There are plenty of free apps available so if one is requiring payment and you are not sure about it, don’t use it. Also, keep in mind many apps are free for the women but charge the men to use them. A profile will have to be created, and probably approved by someone working for the company that made the app available. Profiles are your chance to gain the interest of others using the dating app so be creative and most importantly, be yourself. No one wants to read a profile that sounds like one thing only to meet the person and find out the profile was nothing but a lie. Be truthful while trying to be unique about things such as your interests and activities. Paying for access to dating apps is nothing new, services in the past have charged varying fees. What is new with dating apps is that there are many that are free for both men and women. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the dating app prior to investing a lot of time and effort into it. If a dating app is free to sign up with, make a casual contact with another member. If the message goes through without requiring credit card information and a payment, then the app is free (this is mainly for men as women are often given free access). If you are absolutely sure about the dating app you want to use but it requires a credit card, then you have options. Don’t give them your credit card. Instead visit a store like CVS, Walgreens or Walmart and get a pre-paid credit card. You load them, for a nominal fee, with a certain amount of money. If someone hacks your account and gets this information all they can get is the money you have on that card. Please do not use your debit/credit card that is saved for life purchases. Staying safe after the connection is made with another person is a little trickier and beyond the scope of this article. Steps after the dating app is a success include getting a prepay phone – they are cheap and minute rates are also cheap. While it may be out of your financial means to get a pre-pay cell phone you can still be safe when dealing with others. Meet at busy locations, coffee shops or book stores. Avoid meeting at secluded locations and NEVER send someone money via Western Union or other money services. The dating world for 50+ year old singles is wide open. Just be safe and prepared before entering. Staying safe can open a whole new world to you.

Sugar Daddy Relationship: How it Works

With today’s hard financial system, being what it is, a lot of individuals are opening up to the notion of online dating as well as socializing. They are finding it to be safe and easy, not to mention the cost efficiency. You can be right at the comfort of your home while online in sugar daddy dating, and worry no more about spending lots of your money at the exclusive bar. Going out could be relatively expensive for young ambitious singles. Trying to hang at the upscale locations or places while looking forward to meet sugar daddies could leave your bank account broke at the end of the day. So, not just did you spend your time and money on a great pair of shoes and expensive clothes, but you also spend much at the expensive pub and still did not meet anyone. Are you going to have adequate amount of money to even go out next Friday? Why not try sugar daddy dating? Keep away from waster money and time; It might be a convenient way for singles who are seeking arrangements. Therefore, what is about sugar daddy dating which people find exciting? First of all, you have to appreciate that in today’s social climate, regular and daily relationship between female and male are likely to be shallow and virtually throwaway like the material stuffs in our society. Maybe this is the main reason why just one in 3 marriages become successful or last longer than 10 to 15 years. It’s also given that at any age, female of the species is at least 10 years ahead of the men when it comes to maturity. Therefore, naturally she will be more ideal to sugar daddy dating, with a man at least 10 years her senior. A high number of girls report that they find men of their own age lacking in respect as well as boring. The sexual part of the sugar daddy sugar baby relationship soon become stale without the relation she craves and before long it is relatively obvious that they are not match or not something in common, which leads to separation or breakup. Today’s modern rich and wealthy men want privacy and dating online can give a safe environment while they are making profiles in one of the best and reliable sugar daddy dating site. This is the reason why there’s a massive numbers of wealthy singles online at this point in time. Always remember that not all wealthy or rich men are looking the same kind of relationship. A lot of wealthy gentlemen might be looking for a companion, while some may need a travel buddy. It doesn’t matter if you are a wealthy man or a very attractive young singles, you could find what you’re wildest dreams are searching for in the sugar daddy dating sites today. If you want to know more about sugar daddy sugar baby relationship and how it works, you can join in one of the many sugar daddy dating websites out there.

concrete dissolver - clean your dock before the party

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One of the most popular concrete dissolver products is speedy clean concrete dissolver. Give it a shot. Next time your party will be perfect and happy dating!
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