Dating Apps Tips for Actively Dating 50+ Year Olds

Posted in Dating by Atlas on 12 December 2016

It has never been easier for single people to meet other singles. There are dating services, apps for cell phones and websites and more are popping up regularly. This wealth of opportunity can also be quite overwhelming for those new to the digital dating scene. Safety being the number one priority when dealing with people, even when you can meet them face to face. It is never too late to begin safe practices in your personal life. Let’s focus on the newest rage, dating apps for cell phones. There are some basic options that are true for all dating apps. These steps will have to be taken with each dating app you plan on using – often people will use two to three best dating apps while single. Don’t be discouraged if you see the same profiles popping up across many services, other 50+ year old singles are doing the same as you. Keeping yourself safe is also a standard practice when using dating apps, we will cover this in depth later in this article. There are plenty of free apps available so if one is requiring payment and you are not sure about it, don’t use it. Also, keep in mind many apps are free for the women but charge the men to use them. A profile will have to be created, and probably approved by someone working for the company that made the app available. Profiles are your chance to gain the interest of others using the dating app so be creative and most importantly, be yourself. No one wants to read a profile that sounds like one thing only to meet the person and find out the profile was nothing but a lie. Be truthful while trying to be unique about things such as your interests and activities. Paying for access to dating apps is nothing new, services in the past have charged varying fees. What is new with dating apps is that there are many that are free for both men and women. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the dating app prior to investing a lot of time and effort into it. If a dating app is free to sign up with, make a casual contact with another member. If the message goes through without requiring credit card information and a payment, then the app is free (this is mainly for men as women are often given free access). If you are absolutely sure about the dating app you want to use but it requires a credit card, then you have options. Don’t give them your credit card. Instead visit a store like CVS, Walgreens or Walmart and get a pre-paid credit card. You load them, for a nominal fee, with a certain amount of money. If someone hacks your account and gets this information all they can get is the money you have on that card. Please do not use your debit/credit card that is saved for life purchases. Staying safe after the connection is made with another person is a little trickier and beyond the scope of this article. Steps after the dating app is a success include getting a prepay phone – they are cheap and minute rates are also cheap. While it may be out of your financial means to get a pre-pay cell phone you can still be safe when dealing with others. Meet at busy locations, coffee shops or book stores. Avoid meeting at secluded locations and NEVER send someone money via Western Union or other money services. The dating world for 50+ year old singles is wide open. Just be safe and prepared before entering. Staying safe can open a whole new world to you.