Four discussions you must avoid when meeting a date online.

Posted in Uncategorized by Atlas on 29 December 2016

Knowing what to talk about especially when meeting a potential date for the time can be really difficult, and you can flaunt the opportunity of finding someone special if you are not guarded enough. Unlike the normal kind of dating, your partner and you shared similar views on certain subjects like religion, family or finance; and perhaps you even had to tolerate each other when your feelings on this subjects, they were completely different as a result of the mutual feeling and understanding you had developed for each other.

Senior dating especially online dating is a completely different world, if you ever wish to establish any long lasting relationship from it, then you must be willing to avoid certain conversations inherent in normal conventional dating. First impression is usually what matters in online senior dating sites, if you must set any relationship in motion then your first impression must be really positive and relevant under the circumstances. Keeping your conversation light and simple will put you and your potential partner on a smooth start. As the relationship progresses and the mutual feeling develops, then you are more likely to discuss more sensitive matters which would not have been convenient at first.

For instance you may carelessly rant about a famous politician you don't like, only to discover that your dating partner is a loyal supporter of the politician, or you may be tempted to talk about the abuse by an ex, what you had to tolerate and the numerous court cases you experienced. Such discussion is a downer and can spoil the mood and may not leave the right impression on your date. Instead you can always suspend then to a later time when the relationship becomes stable and a good level of understanding and mutual feelings have been established between the both of you. Below are four major conversations you need to avoid when meeting your date for the first time.

  1. Never discuss the death of a spouse sensitively. You can mention the reason for being single but never dwell on the subject or discuss it in detail. It can result to an emotional outburst which may make your partner feel unwanted.

  2. Do not discuss any illness you have or your family member whether past or present. Even if you have to, ensure it is very brief. Make sure you guide every discussion towards knowing your partner.

  3. Don't talk about a divorce. It is fine to mention it but let it end there. Details about your court cases or abuse from your ex is not usually pleasing to hear at the onset time.

  4. Another important discussion topic you have to avoid is related to the issues of finance, religion and background. Ranting so much about how rich you are or how bad your credit is are sentimental issues especially for someone who you are yet to know about. You can forgo family background, religion, politics and other sentimental issues to a later time when the relationship is stable.

Instead of talking about stuffs like those mentioned above, you can divert all your attention into bringing up conversions that can live a positive impression on your date. You can give them a bait by saying there is only little to talk about you. This can make them change the subject and also allow you to ascertain how open minded they are. Never allow your personal experience to constitute a stumbling block in your dating life.