Strategy for Getting Dates on Dating Sites

Posted in Dating by Atlas on 20 December 2016

Dating is more fun and easier from the comfort of your home with just an internet connection. Over time, dating sites have continued to be innovative in getting you better matches according to your specifications. Since a higher percent of singles and those in complicated relationships are increasingly using dating sites and apps, you must use certain strategies to get date matches from interested people on dating sites. Below are some of the best dating strategies of getting dates on dating sites.


Your profile picture of the dating site is an essential aspect of your dating profile on a dating app or site. Currently, it is unacceptable to have blurry pictures or no pictures at all on your profile. Without a picture, your chances of finding a match drops by up to 95%, this is according to a study done at So get your camera out and get snapping until you find the best picture to put on your profile to increase your chances of getting a date. Profiles oozing romance will lack matches in case they have blurry photos.

Stand out

The reason you have not been getting interested parties to hit you up on your dating profile is that you use the same language everyone is using. It is common to read profiles where people list their qualities without showing them. If you are funny and bubbly, write an interesting post that will genuinely tell the other person that you indeed are funny. This will increase your chances of getting dates on dating sites and apps. Dare to stand out from the crowd.

Interesting Profile

There are millions if not billions of profile on dating sites and many go unnoticed. An interesting profile will get you more dates than you can manage because it shows you are confident on your skin. A genuinely interesting profile will do the trick. Keep it simple, and it will tug at the heartstrings of your intended match. Most people write a dating profile as if they are trying to impress someone. Be free and show your confident self without caring what people think.

First lines

Thus far, you will have made some matches if you have followed these tips. When you receive that notification of a dating match, compose yourself, and genuinely instigate a conversation. Just like in your bio, use lines that are genuine and do not show signs of disrespect. Many of the singles tend to think that online dating is different from the traditional forms of dating and they end up using obscene language. This will get you blocked and alone for a long time to come. Be polite and politically correct to get dates from dating sites.

With the above tips, you are sure to find that you will get an increase in the number of people interested in you. In the case you identify a person you like, go ahead, initiate conversation, and try to get the dating offline and meet up. Be cautious of who you meet from the dating site and ensure you have a close friend when you meet the person in a public space. And here are the top 5 list of dating sites online, choose the best one suits your need to join!