8 Most Popular Dating Sites for Young Singles

Posted in Dating by Atlas on 17 January 2017

Don’t you know that social media started from online dating sites? In fact, they were the primary social networking sites in the past. They only started to evolved when Friendster became popular as a wholesome networking sites. From such model rose Facebook. All these sites have been popularized by young people whose primary aim is to meet someone for a date.

This transformation may give you an impression that dating sites are now dying because youngsters nowadays have turned their attention to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr. However, those popular dating sites continue to thrive. There is only one question. Are there still any young singles on dating sites these days? The answer is yes.

To give you some ideas, here are the 8 most popular dating sites for young singles:

  1. Lavalife

Lavalife is like a search engine for matchmaking. You can easily search for your ideal match while giving you the ability to reply to those who have searched for you.

  1. SuggarDaddie.com

It sounds as though this site is not for young singles, but its main focus is not on the age but on the status of its members. This site is for affluent, classy, and attractive people most of them young singles.

  1. BlackSingles.com

The name of this site speaks for itself as it is a dating site for young black singles. On the other hand, this site is open to non-black people who are looking for someone who is black.

  1. Millionaire.com

This site is for young singles who are millionaire.

  1. Gay.com

Gay.com is not only for gays but also for the entire LGBT community. The site is also a news site that provides related information and updates.

  1. How About We

This works like other social networking sites in which you do not only look for friends but can also migrate your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

  1. Date.com

Date.com is a very popular dating site with more than 8 million users. It also offers free toolbar installation which will enable you to surf the net while on the site.

  1. Match.com

Match.com is another popular dating site similar with Date.com but is different in the sense that it is more popular internationally and is servicing 25 countries in 8 languages.


Dating sites are now regaining their old glory as more and more young people turn their attention back to them. These sites are no longer the things of the past. The above dating sites show that they will continue to live on for many years to come because their popularity never seems to fade.