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A sugar baby is a young woman who is attracted to the biggest and richest of men (sugar dad) can gift her with cars, jewelry, homes and holidays so you can live a very lifestyle expensively. These young women often have wealthy businessmen who love to see with a young and beautiful in his wife-at-arms and have no difficulty establishing these young women in homes and apartments in different parts of the world unite for someone to be with when you travel. Experiential knowledge is one of the intangible benefits of being a sugar baby, but not all sugar babies enjoy it.

The life of a sugar baby can be a wonderful way of life. If you are looking to get into the sugar baby websites or industry, you have to know that this is not as easy as it seems. In fact, being a sugar baby can be as difficult as having a regular job 9-5. This can be a shock because you thought being a sweet baby consisted only of collecting, and spending money. Well, this is not the case at all, so before entering the lifestyle/sugar baby website makes sure you are ready. As a sugar dad baby or sugar mama comes to want to look first class. After all, you pay for your business. And millionaires are used to having the best that life has to offer, so when comes to sugar babies are no exception. Being a sugar baby means spending a lot of time in the gym and diet. Now, if you are one of those lucky ones then have well for you fast metabolism. But you must understand that there must be a beauty body hard to be an active sugar baby. Beyond that, He/she must have an interview with you either through chatting on sugar baby websites or one on one. Therefore, bad hair and no makeup day cannot happen around your godfather. You are supposed to be fixed in your head all the way to your toes. And even if your godfather is willing to pay for it, it will still take a huge time commitment on your part to keep your appearance to match. Being a sugar baby means that your sugar dad or mom comes first and everyone and everything else comes last. After all, it is they who keep you accustomed to a certain way of life so have priority. This means if you have plans with friends on Friday night and your sugar dad tells you not to drop all night and go somewhere with him. You expected, and this could cause problems for you and your income.

Often, the baby sugar promoter will provide a home, condo or apartment is very luxurious. The expectation is that your sponsor can come at any time you want without a call or give notice and should be accessible. After all, it is they who pay for their place and all their living expenses, so the discount and your call are the least we can do. Now to make shine a realistic vision of the life of a baby sugar, in addition to the money and subsidy you get is quite possible that you will spend many nights alone. Many sugar daddies and mommies are married and will never leave their spouse for you, you will know in advance. This means therefore that it is more than likely to spend several nights alone and cannot communicate with your sponsor you at any time, please. At the opposite end of the spectrum as a sugar baby, but you can go with others if you wish you can never drive to anything in the long run because you risk jeopardizing their financial deal. And lastly, you have to understand that the life of a sugar baby is never guaranteed in the long run. One day you might be on and follow your out, and an excellent younger version of you was taking your place. This is why as a sugar baby is so important not to spend all your allowance but save a little in case of a rainy day.

As mentioned this sugar baby website earlier and also at the beginning of the article. Being a sugar baby can lead to a life full of fabulous wealth, travel, money and cars. But you have to go into the situation with eyes wide open, knowing exactly what you are getting. This way, you can have insight on what to expect.

It seems interesting? There are some Best sugar baby websites online to find rich sugar daddies. You can navigate through their profiles on those sugar baby websites online and contact them directly, know what they expect from you and what you are expecting from them.

Do Dating Sites for Seniors Help You Find The Perfect Match?

Arguably the best years of dating, seniors years are now referred to as the perfect time to find love since an individual has got a lot of time on their hands due to retirement. The fact that you are aging does not mean that love ages as well. Whether you are 50, 60, 70 or 80 years old, love as we know it remains unchanged. Here are some of the best dating sites for seniors looking for the perfect senior match.

Best Senior Dating Sites

  1. Senior Match

Senior Match is an exclusive dating website that is designed to help seniors find casual relationships and/or long lasting relationships. This site has over 13 years in senior match making and a simple 2-step signup process. With senior match, you are sure to have fun and find love.


This dating site has arguably the biggest senior base (over 50) among all other dating websites. The easy-to-use match making system that uses metrics such as age, profile, and zip helps you find casual dates and/or deep relationships. The site averages at least 13.5 million visitors each month.

  1. eHarmony

With a user base of all straight singles and 4.1 million visitors each month, eHarmony is the perfect place to find casual dates and/or long lasting senior match relationships. This is among the top dating sites for seniors that use personality tests as a metric for suggesting senior matches.

  1. Elite Singles

Elite Singles uses an individual’s personality as well as partner suggestions to yield results that foster serious senior match relationships. This senior dating site has a monthly engagement of about 290,000 all single visitors. This is among the top senior dating sites that feature a fraud detection system which is used to verify each profile and establish its validity.


Out Time is a great dating site that uses age, profile and zip metrics to search for the perfect senior match for you. The site averages at least 1.4 million visitors each month. The website is exclusively designed to help seniors find casual dates or deep relationships. Its simple user interface makes it even easier and more appealing to 50 plus matures singles.


With over 2.4 million visitors each month, is made up of a significant portion of seniors looking for casual dates and/or long lasting relationships. The site is exclusively meant for Christian singles and uses age, profile and zip metrics to find you senior match.

In conclusion, we hope that you have a beautiful experience as look the perfect senior match. Remember, love does not age, so it is out there waiting for you to find it. Hopefully, the above dating sites for seniors will help you find love.

Travel and Save Money!


p>Learn about how the Miller’s lived their dream while saving money. A captain and his first mate sailing the seas, saving money, and living the nautical dream. More info here...

Support beams for the beach house

The beach house was hit rather hard during hurricane sandy. The supports were much weaker. We decided to raise the home and used some lally columns from I'm confident now that she will handle the next hit mother nature has to put out there.

A Nautical Chimney Pot

Being a Sea Captain I am always on the hunt for my next nautical addition. Everyman man needs a place to dock their boat once in a while. A while back my friend Larry introduced me to the fetish of Chimney Pots. Please get your mind out of the gutter the fetish involved here is home improvement. In my case it is the disturbing chimney terminals I see everyplace now.
So what is a chimney pot? They actually have been around coming on a 1000 years now. Simply put it is a handcrafted terracotta pot that mounts in mortar on the top of your chimney. What you commonly see is a metal cap or exposed flue. I feel like I am living in the matrix here. The second Larry gave me the red pill my eyes were opened. Everyplace I go now I see this beautiful homes with the worst chimneys in the world.
Now of course I get the typical push back from the common man or fat woman. They say “oh my those pots are very expensive”. What this tells me is they have no idea about the price performance of a chimney pot. Yes they run a few hundred dollars. This is due because each one is handcrafted by an artisan. But when you mount a pot on your chimney the home value soars. Spend a few hundred backs make a few hundred thousand. Now that is what Captain Rob is talking about.
Now to the brass tacks. I got the Nautical pot of course. There are a few nautical models out there ranging from a lighthouse to a mermaid. The mermaid seemed a but too much even for this old boy. I went with the straight up anchor. The anchor bonnet as they call it.
Here is a video of some wacko selling them. I kinda dig this guy the more he yells the more I feel I am at the circus. Anyway behold the clay chimney pot…

Okay Now your up to speed on the chimney pots. Now you’re saying oh I amNow you’re saying oh I am just a normal person I have no experience putting one of these up. Oh please shut your mouth just get to work. All you have to do is get some mortar mix and mount that baby down around the flue. Hire a local mason if you are afraid of heights.
Go here to see all the clay chimney pots you will notice there are steel and copper pots too. In my opinion the terracotta is the best but if you want the old Statue of Liberty Verde look go for copper. The steel ones are a light weight alternative to clay should there be an issue getting this to the roof.
Okay so that is my rant on chimney pots. It made my beach house look terrific. I didn’t redo anything else just mounted one simple pot up. Made the place look great.

My Beach House with its new Chimney Pot

My Beach House with its new Chimney Pot